[backgammon] Newbie in Cambridge

Simon Morris simon at letusgothen.org
Sun Jul 24 22:16:54 BST 2016

On 17/07/2016 20:25, Phillip Cohen wrote:
> Hi all Cambridge BG players
> I am coming to town from Cape Town, South Africa hoping to get a game in August. We have quite a large, ( over 50 members) very active league here, and I want to keep up my level of play.
> How do I arrange a game?

We play at the Cambridge Blue on Gwydir Street, almost every Wednesday, 
from about 7.30pm.

We play a single chouette, for 50p a point. There are usually three or 
four of us round a single board.

You're welcome to come on any Wednesday, and we confirm that enough of 
us are available to play on cambridge-backgammon at googlegroups.com.

Best wishes,

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