[backgammon] Chouette tonight

nick summerhayes nick_summerhayes at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 26 19:34:13 GMT 2015

I am unsure if this is appropriate, but I have realised that you are sending my brother Nick Summerhayes messages.  I am very sorry to write that he has passed away. kind regardsRosie Summerhayesrosiesummerhayes at hotmail.com 

     On Wednesday, 3 December 2014, 10:14, Stephen Turner <s.r.e.turner at gmail.com> wrote:

 And I.

On Wednesday, 3 December 2014, Roger Salmon <roger.salmon at gmail.com> wrote:

I intend to play.RogerSent from my phone.  Please excuse typos.

Stephen Turner

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