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Stephen Turner s.r.e.turner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 11:13:25 GMT 2011

The Blue is open again, but only for drinks: they invite you to order
take-aways. I'm more inclined to stay at the Devonshire until the
Blue's kitchen is open: other opinions?


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From: Terri & Jethro <terri at thecambridgeblue.co.uk>
Date: 28 February 2011 09:38
Subject: Cambridge Blue update

Hi Folks. Well thank you for your patience so far. You may be glad to
know that the bar will be open for drinks tonight. If you would like a
take-away or to bring your own food , please feel free, it will be at
least 3 weeks until the kitchen is open again.

At the moment everything is on schedule, the outer wall will be
completed this week, then the scaffolding will go up so the roof can
be done next week. After that the plasterer can come in and the
interior work can be done. Hopefully the conservatory will be open at
this point, but we still will have another week while the kitchen is
put together.

It all sounds very straight-forward but those of you who have had work
done will know that it is often easier said than done. There have been
a few changes made and little hiccups but nothing too major and all
sorted out fairly quickly.

Until everything is finished the opening hours will be Mon – Thurs 5 –
11. Fri 4 – 11. Sat 12 – 11. Sun 12 – 10.30.

Unfortunately as it is only the bar area that is available we will not
be able to allow children in. All will be back to normal when the
conservatory is open.

A reminder too that if you would like to put something in the 'time
capsule' about your life in 2011 we need it before 6 March so it can
be put in the roof space somewhere.

Thanks for your patience. The latest pictures are on Facebook and the website


Terri and Jethro

Stephen Turner

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