Support for DESTDIR

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Feb 1 15:28:32 GMT 2018

Sergey Poznyakoff writes ("Support for DESTDIR"):
> Please find attached a patch that introduces support for DESTDIR
> variable to adns makefiles. This makes it possible to install it
> under an arbitrary directory prefix, which is necessary for creating a
> binary package.

I will review and hopefully accept your patch.

But, with adns's existign Makefiles, it is possible to simulate the
effect of DESTDIR by running `make install' with a special prefix=.
The Debian package does this:

install: build
        dh install --before dh_auto_install
        $(MAKE) install prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr
        dh install --after dh_auto_install

Admittedly this is nonstandard so what you propose is probably an
improvement.  But I wanted to say that what you propose is not
_necessary_ (and also to unblock you, if you were stuck on this).


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