Project status, and adnshost core dump issue

Niels Möller nisse at
Mon Nov 8 11:57:14 GMT 2010

Gavin Carr <gavin at> writes:

> The mailing list archives for this list and all the others on
> are giving 403 errors, so I'm not sure
> if this list/project are alive?

The list is alive. Whether or not the project is dead or alive, I'm not
quite sure.

> If so, I'm getting core dumps on SOA requests with adnshost
> (from adns 1.4 on linux x86_64). An example is:
>   adnshost -t soa

I just tried this example, Debian GNU/Linux on x86_64. Seems to work for
me (both debian version and adns-1.4 compiled from source).

I was initially confused about versions, since adnshost --version
outputs 1.2 rather than 1.4. The definition of ADNS_VERSION_STRING in
client/client.h seems to be wrong.


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