wimax_msg_alloc — Create a new skb for sending a message to userspace
wimax_msg_data_len — Return a pointer and size of a message's payload
wimax_msg_data — Return a pointer to a message's payload
wimax_msg_len — Return a message's payload length
wimax_msg_send — Send a pre-allocated message to user space
wimax_msg — Send a message to user space
wimax_reset — Reset a WiMAX device
wimax_report_rfkill_hw — Reports changes in the hardware RF switch
wimax_report_rfkill_sw — Reports changes in the software RF switch
wimax_rfkill — Set the software RF switch state for a WiMAX device
wimax_state_change — Set the current state of a WiMAX device
wimax_state_get — Return the current state of a WiMAX device
wimax_dev_init — initialize a newly allocated instance
wimax_dev_add — Register a new WiMAX device
wimax_dev_rm — Unregister an existing WiMAX device
struct wimax_dev — Generic WiMAX device
enum wimax_st — The different states of a WiMAX device