Socket Buffer Functions

struct skb_shared_hwtstamps — hardware time stamps
struct skb_shared_tx — instructions for time stamping of outgoing packets
struct sk_buff — socket buffer
skb_queue_empty — check if a queue is empty
skb_queue_is_last — check if skb is the last entry in the queue
skb_queue_is_first — check if skb is the first entry in the queue
skb_queue_next — return the next packet in the queue
skb_queue_prev — return the prev packet in the queue
skb_get — reference buffer
skb_cloned — is the buffer a clone
skb_header_cloned — is the header a clone
skb_header_release — release reference to header
skb_shared — is the buffer shared
skb_share_check — check if buffer is shared and if so clone it
skb_unshare — make a copy of a shared buffer
skb_peek — peek at the head of an sk_buff_head
skb_peek_tail — peek at the tail of an sk_buff_head
skb_queue_len — get queue length
__skb_queue_head_init — initialize non-spinlock portions of sk_buff_head
skb_queue_splice — join two skb lists, this is designed for stacks
skb_queue_splice_init — join two skb lists and reinitialise the emptied list
skb_queue_splice_tail — join two skb lists, each list being a queue
skb_queue_splice_tail_init — join two skb lists and reinitialise the emptied list
__skb_queue_after — queue a buffer at the list head
skb_headroom — bytes at buffer head
skb_tailroom — bytes at buffer end
skb_reserve — adjust headroom
pskb_trim_unique — remove end from a paged unique (not cloned) buffer
skb_orphan — orphan a buffer
__dev_alloc_skb — allocate an skbuff for receiving
netdev_alloc_skb — allocate an skbuff for rx on a specific device
netdev_alloc_page — allocate a page for ps-rx on a specific device
skb_clone_writable — is the header of a clone writable
skb_cow — copy header of skb when it is required
skb_cow_head — skb_cow but only making the head writable
skb_padto — pad an skbuff up to a minimal size
skb_linearize — convert paged skb to linear one
skb_linearize_cow — make sure skb is linear and writable
skb_postpull_rcsum — update checksum for received skb after pull
pskb_trim_rcsum — trim received skb and update checksum
skb_get_timestamp — get timestamp from a skb
skb_checksum_complete — Calculate checksum of an entire packet
struct sock_common — minimal network layer representation of sockets
struct sock — network layer representation of sockets
sk_filter_release — release a socket filter
sk_wmem_alloc_get — returns write allocations
sk_rmem_alloc_get — returns read allocations
sk_has_allocations — check if allocations are outstanding
sk_has_sleeper — check if there are any waiting processes
sock_poll_wait — place memory barrier behind the poll_wait call.
sk_eat_skb — Release a skb if it is no longer needed
sockfd_lookup — Go from a file number to its socket slot
sock_release — close a socket
sock_register — add a socket protocol handler
sock_unregister — remove a protocol handler
skb_over_panic — private function
skb_under_panic — private function
__alloc_skb — allocate a network buffer
__netdev_alloc_skb — allocate an skbuff for rx on a specific device
dev_alloc_skb — allocate an skbuff for receiving
__kfree_skb — private function
kfree_skb — free an sk_buff
consume_skb — free an skbuff
skb_recycle_check — check if skb can be reused for receive
skb_morph — morph one skb into another
skb_clone — duplicate an sk_buff
skb_copy — create private copy of an sk_buff
pskb_copy — create copy of an sk_buff with private head.
pskb_expand_head — reallocate header of sk_buff
skb_copy_expand — copy and expand sk_buff
skb_pad — zero pad the tail of an skb
skb_put — add data to a buffer
skb_push — add data to the start of a buffer
skb_pull — remove data from the start of a buffer
skb_trim — remove end from a buffer
__pskb_pull_tail — advance tail of skb header
skb_store_bits — store bits from kernel buffer to skb
skb_dequeue — remove from the head of the queue
skb_dequeue_tail — remove from the tail of the queue
skb_queue_purge — empty a list
skb_queue_head — queue a buffer at the list head
skb_queue_tail — queue a buffer at the list tail
skb_unlink — remove a buffer from a list
skb_append — append a buffer
skb_insert — insert a buffer
skb_split — Split fragmented skb to two parts at length len.
skb_prepare_seq_read — Prepare a sequential read of skb data
skb_seq_read — Sequentially read skb data
skb_abort_seq_read — Abort a sequential read of skb data
skb_find_text — Find a text pattern in skb data
skb_append_datato_frags — append the user data to a skb
skb_pull_rcsum — pull skb and update receive checksum
skb_segment — Perform protocol segmentation on skb.
skb_cow_data — Check that a socket buffer's data buffers are writable
skb_partial_csum_set — set up and verify partial csum values for packet
sk_alloc — All socket objects are allocated here
sk_wait_data — wait for data to arrive at sk_receive_queue
__sk_mem_schedule — increase sk_forward_alloc and memory_allocated
__sk_mem_reclaim — reclaim memory_allocated
__skb_recv_datagram — Receive a datagram skbuff
skb_kill_datagram — Free a datagram skbuff forcibly
skb_copy_datagram_iovec — Copy a datagram to an iovec.
skb_copy_datagram_const_iovec — Copy a datagram to an iovec.
skb_copy_datagram_from_iovec — Copy a datagram from an iovec.
skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec — Copy and checkum skb to user iovec.
datagram_poll — generic datagram poll
sk_stream_write_space — stream socket write_space callback.
sk_stream_wait_connect — Wait for a socket to get into the connected state
sk_stream_wait_memory — Wait for more memory for a socket