Chapter 5. libata Core Internals

Table of Contents

ata_dev_phys_link — find physical link for a device
ata_force_cbl — force cable type according to libata.force
ata_force_link_limits — force link limits according to libata.force
ata_force_xfermask — force xfermask according to libata.force
ata_force_horkage — force horkage according to libata.force
ata_rwcmd_protocol — set taskfile r/w commands and protocol
ata_tf_read_block — Read block address from ATA taskfile
ata_build_rw_tf — Build ATA taskfile for given read/write request
ata_dev_enable_pm — enable SATA interface power management
ata_dev_disable_pm — disable SATA interface power management
ata_read_native_max_address — Read native max address
ata_set_max_sectors — Set max sectors
ata_hpa_resize — Resize a device with an HPA set
ata_dump_id — IDENTIFY DEVICE info debugging output
ata_port_flush_task — Flush port_task
ata_exec_internal_sg — execute libata internal command
ata_exec_internal — execute libata internal command
ata_do_simple_cmd — execute simple internal command
ata_pio_mask_no_iordy — Return the non IORDY mask
ata_dev_read_id — Read ID data from the specified device
ata_dev_configure — Configure the specified ATA/ATAPI device
ata_bus_probe — Reset and probe ATA bus
sata_print_link_status — Print SATA link status
sata_down_spd_limit — adjust SATA spd limit downward
sata_set_spd_needed — is SATA spd configuration needed
ata_down_xfermask_limit — adjust dev xfer masks downward
ata_wait_ready — wait for link to become ready
ata_dev_same_device — Determine whether new ID matches configured device
ata_dev_reread_id — Re-read IDENTIFY data
ata_dev_revalidate — Revalidate ATA device
ata_is_40wire — check drive side detection
cable_is_40wire — 40/80/SATA decider
ata_dev_xfermask — Compute supported xfermask of the given device
ata_dev_set_xfermode — Issue SET FEATURES - XFER MODE command
ata_dev_set_feature — Issue SET FEATURES - SATA FEATURES
ata_dev_init_params — Issue INIT DEV PARAMS command
ata_sg_clean — Unmap DMA memory associated with command
atapi_check_dma — Check whether ATAPI DMA can be supported
ata_sg_setup — DMA-map the scatter-gather table associated with a command.
swap_buf_le16 — swap halves of 16-bit words in place
ata_qc_new — Request an available ATA command, for queueing
ata_qc_new_init — Request an available ATA command, and initialize it
ata_qc_free — free unused ata_queued_cmd
ata_qc_issue — issue taskfile to device
ata_phys_link_online — test whether the given link is online
ata_phys_link_offline — test whether the given link is offline
ata_dev_init — Initialize an ata_device structure
ata_link_init — Initialize an ata_link structure
sata_link_init_spd — Initialize link->sata_spd_limit
ata_port_alloc — allocate and initialize basic ATA port resources
ata_finalize_port_ops — finalize ata_port_operations
ata_port_detach — Detach ATA port in prepration of device removal