Chapter 4. libata Library

Table of Contents

ata_link_next — link iteration helper
ata_dev_next — device iteration helper
atapi_cmd_type — Determine ATAPI command type from SCSI opcode
ata_tf_to_fis — Convert ATA taskfile to SATA FIS structure
ata_tf_from_fis — Convert SATA FIS to ATA taskfile
ata_pack_xfermask — Pack pio, mwdma and udma masks into xfer_mask
ata_unpack_xfermask — Unpack xfer_mask into pio, mwdma and udma masks
ata_xfer_mask2mode — Find matching XFER_* for the given xfer_mask
ata_xfer_mode2mask — Find matching xfer_mask for XFER_*
ata_xfer_mode2shift — Find matching xfer_shift for XFER_*
ata_mode_string — convert xfer_mask to string
ata_dev_classify — determine device type based on ATA-spec signature
ata_id_string — Convert IDENTIFY DEVICE page into string
ata_id_c_string — Convert IDENTIFY DEVICE page into C string
ata_id_xfermask — Compute xfermask from the given IDENTIFY data
ata_pio_queue_task — Queue port_task
ata_pio_need_iordy — check if iordy needed
ata_do_dev_read_id — default ID read method
ata_cable_40wire — return 40 wire cable type
ata_cable_80wire — return 80 wire cable type
ata_cable_unknown — return unknown PATA cable.
ata_cable_ignore — return ignored PATA cable.
ata_cable_sata — return SATA cable type
ata_port_probe — Mark port as enabled
ata_dev_pair — return other device on cable
ata_port_disable — Disable port.
sata_set_spd — set SATA spd according to spd limit
ata_timing_cycle2mode — find xfer mode for the specified cycle duration
ata_do_set_mode — Program timings and issue SET FEATURES - XFER
ata_wait_after_reset — wait for link to become ready after reset
sata_link_debounce — debounce SATA phy status
sata_link_resume — resume SATA link
ata_std_prereset — prepare for reset
sata_link_hardreset — reset link via SATA phy reset
sata_std_hardreset — COMRESET w/o waiting or classification
ata_std_postreset — standard postreset callback
ata_std_qc_defer — Check whether a qc needs to be deferred
ata_sg_init — Associate command with scatter-gather table.
ata_qc_complete — Complete an active ATA command
ata_qc_complete_multiple — Complete multiple qcs successfully
sata_scr_valid — test whether SCRs are accessible
sata_scr_read — read SCR register of the specified port
sata_scr_write — write SCR register of the specified port
sata_scr_write_flush — write SCR register of the specified port and flush
ata_link_online — test whether the given link is online
ata_link_offline — test whether the given link is offline
ata_host_suspend — suspend host
ata_host_resume — resume host
ata_port_start — Set port up for dma.
ata_host_alloc — allocate and init basic ATA host resources
ata_host_alloc_pinfo — alloc host and init with port_info array
ata_slave_link_init — initialize slave link
ata_host_start — start and freeze ports of an ATA host
ata_host_init — Initialize a host struct
ata_host_register — register initialized ATA host
ata_host_activate — start host, request IRQ and register it
ata_host_detach — Detach all ports of an ATA host
ata_pci_remove_one — PCI layer callback for device removal
ata_wait_register — wait until register value changes